Monopoly Live, How It Works: Strategies And Tricks To Win

Among the peculiarities that have made Monopoly Live a title of immediate success, there is certainly the very special bonus in three dimensions, capable of giving life to none other than Rich Uncle Pennybags itself, that is, Mister Monopoly who has always played the role of the masterpiece mascot of Hasbro.

The rules of Monopoly Live

Once the time to place the bets has expired, the presenter of the game, a dealer ace99 casino login in flesh and blood, turns the wheel clockwise or counterclockwise: if the wheel stops on a segment on which you have a bet, you win the corresponding prize.

But what if you also get a multiplier from the Probability card on the next spin? That even the multiplier … will be multiplied! For example, if you bet 10 dollar on the number 2 and you receive an x8 multiplier, you will win 10 x 8 x 2, which is 160 dollar. If, however, in the next spin after obtaining the multiplier, you should activate the bonus, you will win only if you bet on the 2 roll or 4 roll segments.

Monopoly Live: RTP and prizes

Monopoly Live has an RTP (Return to Player, of English Return to Player) of 96.23%, by a maximum payout of 500,000 dollars. You can bet from a minimum of 10 cents to a maximum of 2,500 dollars, and the payout is based on the segments:

  • Number 1: pay 1 to 1
  • Number 2: pay 2 to 1
  • Number 5: pay 5 to 1
  • Number 10: pay 10 to 1
  • Chance: random prize / multiplier
  • 2 rolls: up to 500,000 dollars
  • 4 rolls: up to 500,000 dollars

Monopoly Live strategies and tricks

Monopoly Live, like all game shows, is a relatively new game, and as such, the best strategies have not yet been studied, nor are there any particular tricks to win. However, one strategy that can be effective is to focus on roll segments.

This is because they are the two segments that can guarantee the highest maximum payout, giving life to the above bonus. Since there are 54 segments on the Monopoly Live wheel, and there are a total of 4 roll segments, you will have about 1 in 13.5 chances of the wheel stopping on one of these segments.