Chez Pascal's Hike and Seek

Chez Pascal's Hike and Seek

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Hike and Seek

Chez Pascal is hitting the trails!  We are not out of the woods yet, so why not go in them.

A perfect place to escape, be outside, fresh air, and give our minds a much-needed break from… everything. It has helped us with our need for a healthy dose of exercise and air change, and we thought you might want to join in too.  We will provide you with the trail location, a few clues, and then off you go to seek and perhaps find a little something more than just the rock along the way.  But if you do find our rock (see the picture of what it looks like below), snap a picture of you holding it near its hiding spot, put it back in its hiding spot just as it was left. Next, when you can, come to our website and ‘purchase’ one of the chances after you have found it.  There is no charge for this, it is just to keep the inventory.  You may see .01¢ but this will fall off once you go through the process.  Sorry for the process😊

When you get a moment, send us your picture to . Once you have submitted your chance, and picture, we will email you back and let you know about your prize! 

We will reclaim the rock after a few weeks and start the hide again in another place. 

The prize for finding the rock may be trail mix/edible creation, or similar.

This would be one of those occasions where the journey is the true reward😊 

Hopefully the rock will remain in its place for a good while. 

We will keep this hike up for a few weeks while we work out the next one!  Have fun!

*The Game is Afoot!*

HIKE #3: 

For this Hike & Seek, Matt and I added a continued with the ‘bonus’ finds! And full disclosure, they are a bit hard to find. In order to spot these little rock bonus treasures, you will need binoculars!  If you don’t have binoculars you will still be able to find the hidden main rock, if you follow the clues of course. 

This trail system brings us back to the area where we had our first Hike and Seek with you in Smithfield!  A quick back story on this trail.  Many years ago my sister in law gave us a  book Weekend Walks in Rhode Island by Ken Weber. Over the years we have been making our way through the book and exploring the trails, sometimes twice over. Ken Weber was a Rhode Island journalist and nature writer and you can just feel his love of the outdoors in his words.  While researching him a few weeks ago I came across a trial named after him.

Well, that is exactly where we needed to go for this Hike and Seek so off we went!

This is a beautiful trail system that encompasses spectacular views, one particularly lovely spot that provides a view of the city skyline, and has a WWII Airmen Memorial that you can visit as well!  You can do this adventure and continue walking on following another trail if you like. There are many acres to explore, dogs on leashes are welcome! and it is great for families.  Please note that sometimes the trails can be muddy and, depending on the weather surrounding the day you choose to go, there might be small brooks that require stepping on stones to get across, not great distances by any means, but just wear the proper shoes. And there are a few spots that have a healthy rocky incline.

Without further ado,  we give you… Wolf Hill Forest Preserve located in Smithfield Rhode Island! Put in your GPS Wolf Hill Forest Preserve Waterview Drive Smithfield Rhode Island. There is parking in the Conservation Center located on Waterview Drive, or on Waterview Drive itself, just take care not to block any driveways of course. We did this in about 2 -3 hours, with many stops along the way.

Take care to pay attention to the trail markers and you should always bring a map for safety😊

You can download the trail map HERE. If your printer is black and white, like mine, make sure you write the color of the trails on the map.

TO START: Start at the Mary Mowry Trail Head Green Trail located on Waterview Drive. When you turn onto Waterview Drive from Pleasant View it is the first trail on the left-hand side, you will see Green Colored Trash Bins marking the beginning.  This hike makes a few turns here and there, keep your eye on the trail markers.  This Hike and Seek has TWO Binocular Bonus spots in addition to the hidden rock. Fun Note ~ we found other decorative rocks along the way, ours say Chez Pascal, if you see others, enjoy their clever markers but leave where found.  Our rock will be on one of the trails.  You will be able to see its resting place from the trail, but will have to step off the trail slightly to find it.  Clues, Binocular Bonus and notes are below. Best to read through a few before you head out so that you don’t miss anything.  

NOTE:  You will follow the Green Mary Mowry Trail for a bit. You will be going Green to Red, so keep your eye out for Red, but in the meantime enjoy the trail, you will pass the WWII Yellow trail on your left, a little look-out will be on the right for a quick nice view, and then carry on the Green to Red. Enjoy this part, look around, once we get close to where you need to start really paying attention, the Notes will let you know.

NOTE:  You will pass a rock wall, the Red Trail, Ken Weber Trail, is getting close. Take a LEFT on the RED Ken Weber Trail.

NOTE:  You will pass the William Steere Trail on right, keep going Red. Enjoy that cool vernal pool! Looking at it that is, a dip in the pool is not recommended.

NOTE:  After the vernal pool, start paying attention Binocular Bonus clues are coming.

NOTE:  You will see a large boulder eventually on left, look for the trial marking indicating a sharp right continuing on the Red Trail.

BINCOCULAR BONUS:  Once you have made this new turn following on Ken’s Red Trail, look on the trail for a prune you wouldn’t eat, but something clearly did. See it?!  Now stand next to it, your left hip parallel to it. Start with your left foot, walk 5 normal paces, Stop. Binoculars ready. Which side of the trail has a tall small grove of artificial looking trees in the distance? Look in that direction. Scan the landscape for a ‘Victory’ tree and see if you can spot the hidden item!  This is a tricky one.  Keep in mind that weather and wind might dislodge it. The image might not be clear, but the color should. Write down the image or the color or commit to memory and include with your email once you have completed this adventure.

NOTE: Keep following the direction of travel on the Red trail. Incline up, large up rooted tree you will pass, boulder ruins on left, keep on Red Trail.

NOTE: Keep your eyes open as the Red Trail eventually makes a slight left but the red marker is set back a bit from trail, keep following red.

NOTE: You will eventually start to hear the sizzle.  Crossing over the power lines.  You will see on a Jersey Barrier #9, and then the entrance to the woods following the Red Trail. Into the woods you go again. Keep following Red. It does make a rather hard left shortly.

NOTE: Now the Red Trail will meet with the Blue Trail, you want to take a LEFT and Follow Blue for just a bit. The Blue Trail Markers will be blazed on the trail rocks as well as trees.

NOTE: You will come to a split in a small clearing. Blue trail will go straight, you want to take a RIGHT on the White Trail. You will see what looks like a tall stone Chimney head for that. Blue and White sort of mix trails here, but head up to the Chimney!

NOTE: Get your binoculars out! See Providence City Sky Line in the distance from here!  Ha, we did not hide anything in the distance. On a clear day you can even see the Newport Bridge!  Enjoy your time here, perhaps a snack is in order. When you are ready to continue, face the city view, stone chimney is at your back. Now turn 180 degrees, see the little trail head for the Blue Trail picking up past the chimney on the right take that, NOT the blue trail that picks up before the chimney on the right.

NOTE: You will very soon pass a bench on the left. Keep on that Blue Trail. 

NOTE: A small clearing you will come to, power lines, go YELLOW TRAIL now, aka World War II Memorial Trail. You want to be headed North towards the Airman Memorial.  Follow Yellow Markers, a slight left will be made, lots of arching beautiful trees, a canopy of tree limbs you will pass under.

NOTE: You will pass the intersection of the White Trail and Yellow, keep on the Yellow Trail.

NOTE: You will start to decline.

HINT: Getting close to the Hidden Rock! You will pass a tree formation of 4 big trunks on the right with 1 little trunk in the middle with a yellow blaze on it. Getting closer…!

CLUE 1: Was a sound made when this fell? Look for a Lean-Five minus a Lean-Three on the edge of this.

CLUE 2: On the same side of the trail as the answer to Clue 1, take a few steps such that the answer to the second part of Clue 1 is about parallel to the back of your ankles. If you are traveling North-ish, you want to look West-ish. See if you can find… “This might stump you, what once was more, is now less, but at its base is a nest, something poking out is what remains, what once was mighty, is now tiny.”  See it!  A few steps off the trail it is but not much more.  If you found it take the picture of the rock! And don’t forget to put it back so others can find it! Now carry on in the same direction of travel you were heading.

NOTE: Nothing else is hidden until we get back to the Green Trail.

NOTE: Keep on the Yellow Trail. You will pass the Memorial Loop part of the Yellow Trail on your right.  You can do this if you wish and just pick up the Yellow again when you get out of the loop following the same direction of travel, which is North. If you don’t take the loop, keep going straight. You will see a Marker Sign that says, Trail Closed,  stay right and stay on the Yellow Trail.

NOTE: When you see the sign for the World War II Airmen Memorial head on up and take a look.

NOTE: Once you are ready, position yourself so that you are looking at the Memorial Plaque, to head out go left, down the memorial precipice on the Yellow Trail to the left.

NOTE: This part gets a bit tricky, you just need to pay attention. You will come out to the edge of the powerline path again. Options are left or right.  Take a right. There will be an entrance on the right after a few paces into the Yellow Trail again (the direction we just came from) DO NOT go back in. See in the distance to the left, Yellow Markers blazed on the wooden poles, NOT Yellow Markers blazed on the white poles, follow the Yellow Markers on the wooden poles so that you are heading into the woods on the opposite side of where you just came. Back in the woods you go on the Yellow Trail, not up the hill along the powerlines.

NOTE: Once back in the woods you will see the Yellow Trail pick up again on the right. Follow the Yellow Trail.

NOTE: Eventually you will come to the intersection of the Yellow Trail and our old friend the Green Trail (Mary Mowry Trail). Take a right on the Green trail. You are heading home.

NOTE: One more binocular bonus is coming up!

BINCOCULAR BONUS:  A burl-y tree you cannot miss! See it?!  Following the same direction of travel, walk to the very next tree. Stand with your back to this next tree, binoculars at the ready. Follow the line of ‘ like’ trees into the woods. Scan the landscape, in a smaller type wee tree, not too far in, it is perched.  This too is a tricky one.  Keep in mind that weather and wind might dislodge it. The image might not be clear, but the color should. Write down the image or the color or commit to memory and include with your email once you have completed this adventure.

HOME YOU GO!  Keep following the same direction of travel, Green Trail home! This is the same trail we started on so things should look familiar, hopefully😊 From the burl-y tree you should be out of the woods in about 10-15 minutes.

CONGRATULATIONS!  If you found the rock and/or the binocular bonuses,  once you can get to our website,  click on Chezpron & The Rock.  Purchase 1 chance (no charge just for inventory purposes) which will remove chances from inventory.  Send us an email to  with your picture attached, write down the images of any bonus binocular points you got, and we will contact you with your winnings!  If you found nothing, we hope you found something even more special😊.