How to Wear & How to Care for your Chezpron

1) Put the apron strings (a.k.a. tape) through the loop located at the end of the Back Elastic Strap.  Roughly center the apron tape so that you have the same amount of length on each side.

2) For your first time adjusting, be sure the Back Elastic Strap is adjusted to its fullest length.  Once you get it to your desired length you won't have to adjust it much again unless you want to.  Adjust the Back Elastic Strap by sliding the strap up and down through the step lock as if you were adjusting a back pack. Place the apron over your head.  The Back Triangle Fabric piece should rest  between your shoulder blades. Now to adjust the Back Elastic Strap to your desired setting you can do 1 of 3 things.  a) reach up behind your back and grab the strap and pull to remove the excess slack b) have someone pull the strap for you c) take the apron off, adjust slightly, put the apron back on, repeat until you get it to your desired length.

3) The apron should now be back on, Back Elastic Strap adjusted to your height, now simply feed the left side of the apron tape through the left side grommet and do the same for the right side.  Pull both sides of the tape out in front of you to make sure the lengths are even.  The Back Elastic Strap and the Back Triangle Fabric piece should remain in the center of your back.  If they shift you are pulling to hard on one side. 

4) To tie, bring both sides of the apron tape (left and right) behind you, crossing it in the back, and pulling it tight to your front. Once around the front again tighten and tie as you like.

Please note:  You can adjust the Back Elastic Strap to your desired length based on your size and where you like the front of your apron to sit on your chest.  It is your personal choice as to how you want the apron to wear on you.


  • Most Important! Remove apron tape from apron or it will go round and round in your machine and tie everything up. If you need to wash your tape, just remove it from the apron first.
  • Wash your chezpron  in cold water with like colors, do not bleach.
  • Dry on low heat.
  • Some shrinkage will occur first time you wash it. Shrinkage will definitely occur if you wash in hot water and dry on high heat.