Hours & Such

Chez Pascal & The Wurst Kitchen

phone # 401-421-4422. We are not open for lunch.

Please Read our RETIREMENT ANNOUNCEMENT when you can. Remember it is not happening until end of March/April. We have time!

Online, Outdoor Dining and now limited Indoor dining available! 
Tuesday - Saturday 4:30pm-last seating at 8:00pm.
The restaurant closes to all guests by 9:30pm.
We are CLOSED the last Tuesday of the month.

Starting Wednesday December 29, Due to the Governor's new COVID order,  proof of COVID-19 vaccine will now  be necessary in order to dine at Chez Pascal. Please be prepared to show proof of your vaccination which can be the state issued card, a copy of it, or a photo of it from your phone.  Take some comfort in knowing that we are all vaccinated here as well.  Masks are also needed when entering, walking around the dining room, and when speaking to a member of our team.  We hope that implementing these measures will help slow the spread.  Thank you so very much for doing your part.

If you are unable to provide this information you are welcome to order food to go, dine outside under one of our heaters, or visit us another time.

The restaurant is a cozy little neighborhood restaurant located
at 960 Hope Street, on the corner of 9th in the East Side of Providence.

We are so pleased to welcome you to our constantly evolving Covid 19 adaptation of the restaurant. 

Things have changed considerably, but what shall always remain is our utmost respect for ingredients, providing a safe, comfortable, delicious haven for our lovely guests and cherishing the joys of working with amazing people.

There are lots of procedures that must be put in place and adhered to.  We are committed to these procedures and we are most grateful for your shared support in doing your part as we all work together in keeping all of us, from our families to your families, safe.


  • Inside & Outside Dining Hours:  Tuesday - Saturday 4:30pm - last seating at 8:00pm.
  • The restaurant closes to all guests by 9:30pm. Please complete your enjoyment of your evening with us by this time.
  • We are closed the last Tuesday of every month.
  • In an effort to accommodate guests given our limited capacity, please note that dining is limited to a maximum of 90 minutes per table.
  • If you made an outdoor dining reservation, and it is raining, or bad weather, at the time of your reservation, we will do our best to accommodate you inside. However, as reservations are taken inside too, it might not always work out that a table will be available inside at the time of your reservation. We will do are best to seat you as soon as possible.  As an alternative, you are always welcome to order food to go.
  • On-Line Orders under Order for Take Out are Tuesday - Saturday starting at 4:30-last order 8pm 

    Below is Information on our different Menu Choices

    • Order for TAKE OUT online option

    Online under the Order for Take Out you may see 4 different options. For those of you who prefer to have your dinner cooked and/or ready to eat when you pick it up, choose from the Ready to Eat tab. This menu will feature Ready To Eat items such as some of our classic Wurst Kitchen favorites, think our house made hot dogs or the pastrami, meatloaf, and veggie burger sandwiches, plus duck, chicken and more!  And additional changing menu items as well.  Cooked and ready to eat as soon as it makes its way out the Wurst Window!  Kindly note, you can only place orders to be picked up, the day of. 

    Side note ~ a lovely place to take your Ready to Eat food is just across the street in Lippett park!  Nothing delights us more than seeing our food find a happy place to be enjoyed.

    Also, residing within the Order for Take Out Menu tab, when available, will be Reheat at Home options.  These will include our unique, and creative prepared meals To-Go. This Reheat at Home option will give you, our wonderful customers, the option to enjoy your dinner when you are ready to eat, and not beholden to having to eat it within minutes after pick up.  Our Reheat at Home option for example will offer items that are fully cooked that you will reheat at home with the step by step instructions provided, in addition there might be salads & clever picnic boxes filled with goodies and don't forget wine & cocktails!  

    You will also find our Marketplace Items here which will feature our house made relishes, mustards, sausages, hot dogs and more when available!

    And of course Wine & Cocktails!  Here you can have fun allowing us to choose a delicious & unique wine for you! You pick the price range and we will provide you with a bottle of wine that will be revealed to you when you come. We have a personal love for all of the wines on the list, and feel like any one of them will pair nicely with many dishes.  Also here are our house made specialty cocktails. Made to order and sent off to you in a little jar.

    Our second dining option at this time will be reflected in our On Premise Menu.  This menu will change frequently and will be ‘old school’ ordering, not done online, but rather in the vicinity of a kind, fully vaccinated staff member.