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Perhaps greater creativity, or greater frustration, comes with age. Having worked in kitchens most of my adult life I have had the experience of wearing many an apron. The standard round the neck cook’s apron has the propensity to unleash a fury of neck pain after having been worn for any length of time. And in a professional kitchen, that length of time can be upwards of 14 hours a day.   At some point in the not so distant past, I reached the peak of my tolerance for my unruly outer garment and set off on a quest to find a better apron. One that would take the pressure off my neck and lift my spirits by freeing me from my polyester-nylon noose!

Turns out there are a plethora to choose from. I first turned to things that were not aprons at all. A perfectly comfortable looking farmer friend walked in the kitchen door one day in his overalls. Comfortable yes, but not very practical in a restaurant setting. I then tried the wrap around apron, the cross back, the Japanese cross back, the smock and even made my own prototype that likened me to someone from the middle ages. Some were comfortable but not functional, slipping off my shoulder, or having too much fabric in the way. Those that were functional remained uncomfortable. Hence I was back at square one; alone in my silent struggle to find relief for my outer skin.

Hearing my cry, two wonderful people that worked with me said they would assist in getting the idea out of my head and into a pattern. And thus the Chezpron was born. Why Chezpron you ask… well the restaurant that my wife and I own in Providence Rhode Island is called Chez Pascal & The Wurst Kitchen (www.chez-pascal.com). Sometimes referred to as Chez for short. We circled back and forth for a name for the apron and somehow landed on a tainted form of Chez mixed with a little playfulness. House of Apron… or more literally the House of Pron. Hmmm.

It is different, as that was my intention. But I think once you put it on and strap yourself in it, you will find that the most wonderful part about wearing a Chezpron is that you won’t even realize you are. 

Matthew & Kristin Gennuso

Apron peddlers

Thank You! & Why a Salad Kris?

This apron project could not have been taken out of the basement if not for the help of some great folks who were kind enough to assist, teach and guide me through their amazing craft. In particular a hearty thank you to Candace French who took my ramblings and made this possible. Find her here: CANDACE FRENCH

Also to Deb Hickey whose unwavering support and masterful vision captured the Chezpron through her lens.  Making us want a coffee table book of Deb's apron pics. www.debhickey.com

To Seth McCombs who designed our logo here and in the restaurant.  Seth just oozes drawing talent and we couldn't be more grateful for him expanding on our hot dog whimsy.  www.artofsethmccombs.com

And to Mr. Howard Ben Tré who let us utilize his beautiful artist studio space for taking pictures.  We are honored to have the Chezpron taken against the backdrop of his gorgeous glass sculptures. www.bentre.com

The Apron Names are named after our staff at Chez Pascal. We are so unbelievably fortunate to be in the company of amazing people who have worked side by side with us for years. Sometimes those nicknames stick as is the beauty of the nickname.  So if you do see Salad Kris out there let her know you like her apron!