We met while working on opposite sides of the ‘house’ at the wonderful Hamersley’s Bistro in Boston. Soon thereafter we set our course for Rhode Island and opened the doors of Chez Pascal in March of 2003. The restaurant is constantly evolving with the ebb and flow of local, seasonal produce; taking direction from the fantastic farmers who inspire us while remaining true to classic, thoughtful food. 

Cue…Record Scratch…

Fast Forward

March 2020. In prior times this page would talk about the different things we have done over our 17 years of being here. As nice as it is to remember, life has now changed so drastically we thought it best to discuss the present; how we have adjusted and how we will continue to adjust as time allows.  Knowing that we are by no means out of the woods with the pandemic, we see our predicament as an opportunity.  An opportunity to figure out lasting systems that might see us through when the inevitable happens.  We were not prepared before, and to not prepare now would be a foolish waste of a valuable lesson. So off we go… eyes wide open, uncertain but hopeful, weary but determined.

Pure Gratitude

We would not even have the option to create an opportunity if it wasn’t for the uplifting support of this amazing community.  From day one of all our new lives, this little restaurant was plucked so caringly from the arms of extinction by our community, amazing staff, and steadfast friends and family.  It is a story of the beauty of people, such a precious glimpse of compassion that we often think is so hard to bear witness but we know it to reside in the hearts of our neighbors from down the street to clear across the country. Kindness knows no borders.

New Beginnings

Technology. Matt and I are very much aware that we are totally behind the trends in technology, in both the business and personal sphere. I recall that the reason we finally switched POS systems was because we were told that the only person left who could fix the equipment had sadly passed away. Now, in an effort to be as safe as one can, we realize the importance, albeit the necessity, of online ordering.  It helps lower the risk level, and that is just smart for everyone. Part of our new plan is to enhance our previous online ordering model. 

This Little Bit Remains the Same

If you’ve been a hundred times or have never been before, we invite you to experience all that the seasons have to offer through our menus. We hope the comforting ease of the staff and the enticing combination of flavors and aromas will make your first visit to Chez Pascal & The Wurst Kitchen the first of many. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Kristin & Matthew Gennuso