Chez Pascal's Hide and Seek
Chez Pascal's Hide and Seek

Chez Pascal's Hide and Seek

$ 0.01

Hike and Seek

AS OF JANUARY 16, we have been informed that the rock has been compromised!

Someone has moved it from its location so the clues will unfortunately lead you on a nice walk, but no rock at the end. 

Have no fear another hike is near!

You can still get on out there and enjoy the trail!

Chez Pascal is hitting the trails!  We are not out of the woods yet, so why not go in them.

A perfect place to escape, be outside, fresh air, and give our minds a much-needed break from… everything. It has helped us with our need for a healthy dose of exercise and air change, and we thought you might want to join in too.  We will provide you with the trail location, a few clues, and then off you go to seek and perhaps find a little something more than just the rock along the way.  But if you do find our rock (see the picture of what it looks like below), snap a picture of you holding it near its hiding spot, put it back in its hiding spot just as it was left, then come to our website, and ‘purchase’ one of the chances after you have found it.  There is no charge for this, it is just to keep the inventory. It will say .01, but will be deleted once you go through the steps. Send us your picture to .We will put 30 chances up, and after the rock has been found 30 times by different people, we will reclaim the rock and start the hide again in another place.  Once you have submitted your chance, and picture, we will email you back and let you know about your prize! 

Even if all the chances have been claimed, you can still get out there and have fun.

The prize for finding the rock may be cookies, an edible creation, or similar. 

This would be one of those occasions where the journey is the true reward😊 

The rock will be hiding in its place until January 31st  If no one finds it by then, we will retrieve and hide again. 

*The Game is Afoot!*

HIKE #1: This is a very moderate trail, great for families.  Set in an urban setting, we wanted to keep it easy the first one out.  TRAIL: Powder Mill Ledges Wildlife Refuge. Lots of parking. Trail begins at the Audubon Society Headquarters in Greenville RI. Take US 44 into village of Greenville, turn south on RI 5 (Sanderson Road).

TO START: Start at the kiosk trail head. Snap a pic of the trails or draw a handy map for yourself, or commit it to your mind palace. The rock will be on one of the trails.  You will not have to leave the trail to find it. Clues and notes are below. Best to read through a few before you head out so that you don’t miss anything.

CLUE 1: Find ‘Dorothy’s infamous route on the trail map at the kiosk trail head. This is where you want go, but you have to go in the right direction. You will not have to start looking for the rock until you reach her trail, the clues will alert you when you should start looking in earnest.   So enjoy the walk along the way, but pay attention to the directions set forth in the clues below!

CLUE 2: Now, as you are facing the kiosk, start slowly turning around.  As you are turning you want to be on the look out for something that would make a cook thrilled to find if they were in need of a little flavor.  See it?  Stop, look at it; now turn yourself 180 degrees and head off in that direction down the trail as you start follow, follow, follow, following Dorothy’s way.

 CLUE 3: Soon you will reach your first fork, which way to go?  The Drifters sang about being ‘under’ this very thing oh so many years ago.  See it?  Follow the trail that way.   

NOTE: If you went the correct way you will pass an avian housing complex on the right. If you don’t see it soon, you went the wrong way.  

CLUE 4: Your next fork!  Who had the best powers in Stranger Things?  See it?  Head towards that marking. Side clue… for even louder amplification… this one goes to?

CLUE 5: And fork again!  You should know which way to go here as there is only one path Dorothy would take.

NOTE:  Once you cross into the next woods, following your trail, you are now getting close.

CLUE 6:  This clue will help you find something distinctive as you get closer to the rock.  Try this now, just as you cross into the next woods, so that you can be looking for it. Take your right arm and extend it out to your side. Bend your elbow so that your hand is pointing straight up. Let your hand make a pistol out of your pointer finger and thumb. Imagine your forearm a tree trunk, your pistol hand too, and your thumb part of the tree. Let your elbow now rotate so that your forearm and pistol hand swing down, pointing to the ground.  That outline that you have created, find the tree that looks like that on the right hand side of the trail!  You will not have to walk off the trail at all to see it.  It will be between now and the rock, so be on the look out.

NOTE: The terrine will start getting rocky, you will be making a slight incline. Keep going slowly.

CLUE 7:  Your arm-hand tree outline should be in sight. See it?!  If so you are not at the rock’s home yet,  but you are so so close! You will see this unique tree before you start making a slight decline, if you don’t see it go back up a bit and look again.

CLUE 8: Feeling good about finding the tree, or making odd hand gestures in the middle of the woods?  Excellent, as the trail starts to make a decline, slow your pace, as soon as you see civilization in the distance stop. You are in visual distance of the rocks home.  Now find the fairy hole! Remember you don’t have to leave the trail, and there it will be all tucked in!

CLUE 9: It is there! Once you have found it just down the path you will see a tree marking your Victory, in tree speak.  If you find yourself curving to the left and then curving to the right and you see much more of civilization in the distance you have gone too far and should retrace your steps.

CONGRATULATIONS! Now that you have found it! Snap a picture of you holding the rock and put the rock back in its fairly hole just as you found it so that others can find it too. Follow the instructions set forth above on how to submit your findings. Send us an email with your picture attached and we will contact you with your winnings! 

Oh.. to get home, just continue following the trail, it makes a loop, and you will be back at the parking lot shortly.  Reference the map if you are in need.  Or you can turn around and go back the same way you came.