The Return

Oh how we have missed you!
Hello folks! It has been much too long since we last spoke. Matt and I have been reflecting, learning, confusing ourselves, questioning everything, finding hope, finding focus, losing focus… essentially exactly what we are all doing.
Quick recap, from day one of our new lives we realized immediately that the business that we have built for 17 years would be done in a matter of 3 days. The  predicament that we were in was shared by many, it was a well inhabited sinking ship comprised of many families, businesses large and small, from across the country and across the world. The strange comfort of it all was that we were indeed not alone. March 16th we closed and we allowed ourselves to take a breath, March 17th we were in it, with all we had, we just tried to make it work. We provided prepared meals to go, pre cooked, that folks took home and reheated, along with other ready to eat items. This system was implemented over night, I am not quite sure how, that part is a blur (most parts are a blur) but we managed to get it together. Soon thereafter staff came by to lend a hand and would not take no for an answer and that is how we all survived for 4 months.
We built new systems, had a plan, worked efficiently and very carefully to unsure our collective safety and by the grace of the heavens above we plugged that sinking ship with enough good will and hope that has enabled us to stand on our wobbly legs a bit longer. 
As we rolled along we realized that we had zero time to figure out how we could make our fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants solution work for the long term, as this was indeed going to be for the long term. We needed time to make it stronger, and to do that we knew we had to shut down to figure it out, so we did for the month of July.  
Turns out when you give yourself time to think… the thinking can get in the way of the doing. My goodness, there is much to ponder and much to worry about. All I can hope is that we use our fear for good; be scared enough to be alert, but not so much that you can’t function. 
Have I mentioned how much we have missed you😊 !
So our dear friends, we are on the verge of unveiling our new new plan. Things will be different, not an unusual sentiment anymore by any means I imagine; we will continue to start small as each day is so uncertain. Going forward we are going to have 3 dining options. Our tried and true, Order for Tomorrow (what we had been doing) and then we will also incorporate Order for Today which is ready to eat order on line Wurst Classics for example for pick up, and finally, dependent on the weather,
Outdoor Patio Menu which is sit down seating.
We will not be offering indoor dining at this time. 
With the outdoor dining comes a whole set of rules that we will absolutely adhere to and we hope you will too. There is nothing less appealing than wanting to dine out and enjoy yourself, and yet be faced with multiple things to read and understand that have nothing to do with the menu. We understand this, but as we all know, it is not a question of comfort anymore, it is a question of safety. And that is our number one priority and we are happy to do it.
In order to achieve all this, we have revamped our website. Side note~ if it was not for my brother Jon (thank you immensely!) this would not have been possible. The new website will hopefully go live tomorrow… as tomorrow will be our first Order for Tomorrow Menu!
Those who have participated in this option over the past few months will remember (hopefully) how this works. 
Slightly different this time as the ordering will be between 11:00am – 9:00pm tomorrow (Monday) and pick up will be
the following day (Tuesday) from 4:30pm-6:30pm.
Starting Tuesday, August 4th we will be unveiling the Order for Today online menu and patio dinning will commence. 
All of this is explained in great detail on our website.
 Remember it is not live yet, but take a look tomorrow as I have taken up much too much space already.
In closing, please read all the rules and regulations especially about Patio dining before you come, and from all us here whom you have rescued so unselfishly with your unwavering support and love,
we can’t wait to see you again!
I shall send you another email in the morning with the menu items.