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Hello folks and welcome to the crisp magnificent Winter season!


Audrey Hepburn in Charade enjoying a little outdoor dining

The word cozy was really made for this season and the next as we progress into winter. Apologies as I know I say this every year, but I do so love the Autumn and Winter! The changing of the landscape and the fresh air that is so different from it’s summer and spring counterparts.  The birds start changing their song and those little squirrels with their acorns running all about in an effort to make ready for winter. They have found fine hiding spots in the roof top garden beds, much to our dismay mind you, but I do indeed admire their foresight and work ethic. They know what is to come and know the importance of being prepared.


As the struggle continues for all of us, know that for now we are excited and eager to continue to embrace outdoor dining. Planning well is the key.  Part of that might be changing our mindset just a bit. As a community most of us are not used to dining outside after a certain time in the season. I would like to bet that some of that has to do with the lack of opportunity. As restaurants, in the past, the end of September is the signal for us to store our patio furniture until spring, thus removing the option for even attempting your stamina for the chilly weather.


Sitting outside, wrapping yourself in a blanket, bundling up in your cozy gear and enjoying hearty soul warming food and drink just might be what you have been waiting for all along!😊


Well worry not friends, we are going to carry on outdoors until it becomes downright silly. My friend Kate sent me a very uplifting article from National Geographic about the concept of frilutsliv which is a way of life for Norwegians. Essentially it is about embracing the outdoors regardless of the weather.



The most poignant and spot on quote from that article is ‘there is no bad weather, just bad clothing’.  Pouring rain however, not sure we can make that fun, but cold… join us with your cheery rosy cheeks, your fun warm hats and we will do the same!